Summary of recent output

Here’s what I’ve been writing most recently:

Smartphone Addiction

Although I like my iPhone 5—and I’m sure I would love the new model coming out soon—I’ve gradually come to realise that I’m addicted to using it.

Posted 06 Aug 2014.

Optimising HTTP Cache Hit Rate

I wrote a post over on our company blog titled Maximising Cache Hit Rates For Rest APIs. My team is responsible for producing (and supporting) the product API currently being adopted across the organisation. In it I detail a few techniques we’ve used to maximise our cache hit rate.

Posted 01 Aug 2014.


“ToddlerCalm” is the founding principles we use to raise our son. They are from a book called “ToddlerCalm: A guide for calmer toddlers and happier parents” by Sarah Ockwell-Smith. It is available for Kindle and paperback. In the UK there’s also a ToddlerCalm 3-hour workshop. We have found what we learned invaluable in helping us understand what our son is going through growing up. (And thus how to deal with him.) This post is about what we learned from reading the book and attending the workshop.

Posted 26 Jun 2014. Tagged Reviews.

Resolutions Progress

Thought I’d post a quick note on progress with on my New Years Resolutions.

Posted 25 Jun 2014. Tagged Resolutions.

Losing weight by eating right

Losing weight is one of my new year resolutions. I started on a “reduced gluten” diet around 10th of January. My main motivation for this particular diet was in solidarity with my wife. She’s suspecting that gluten intolerance has an adverse effect on her health and wanted to verify this by elimination. Not sure what I expected, but the benefits I’ve had so far have exceeded them.

Posted 17 Feb 2014. Tagged Resolutions.