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This is my personal website. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Sometimes I blog because I have something to say, sometimes it's just to practice writing. It used to be that most articles were tech related, but I think that ship has sailed now. Anything goes really.

Below is a full list of articles, in reverse chronological order. I also maintain a separate concept index.


Potter Coding Dojo in Clojure
Detailing my trials and tribulations with the "Potter" coding dojo problem, with code examples in Clojure.
N Queens in Clojure
Solving the problem of putting N Queens on an N by N chess board without them being able to threaten eachother.
Electoral Reform Now!
I try to show how unjust the First Past the Post system used to elect MPs in UK General Elections is.
Blogging with Org Mode
I describe how—and why—I changed from blogging using Markdown & Jekyll to using Org mode.
Open Letter to Anne Marie MP
I ask how the Conservatives can say they are "working for everyone" whilst giving extra tax breaks and benefits to the 15% of top earners, and at the same time cutting benefits for the poor.
Hydra Theme Switcher For Emacs
I learnt how to quickly switch between all installed themes in Emacs.


How I Blog (This Week)
I share my Emacs & Org-mode setup for blogging with Jekyll.
Berwick Academy STEM Talk
I went to a local school and talked to prospective computer science students there about my education and career. This is a transcript of my talk, which was organised by STEMNET.
Breakdown of my Tweetable FizzBuzz created using sed and xargs.
Change Terminal background colour on OS X via ssh
I show how to change colours automatically when logging into certain remote machines via SSH.
Setting up Leafnode NNTP server on OS X
I set up the Leafnode NNTP server on OS X, for use with Emacs and the Gnus newsreader.
Overcoming RSI
Early 2005 I encountered a bad bout of RSI. Prompted by a comment on the Lobsters forum, I thought I'd share my experience.
ModSecurity and Puppet Spelunking
In which I investigate how to configure SecAuditLogParts for ModSecurity with Puppet, and find I have to contribute a patch to make it possible.












Author: Stig Brautaset

Created: 2017-06-22 Thu 17:16